First product line created and made here in Canada for women of colour

nacara cosmetics launches its new line of cosmetics in toronto

TORONTO, Ontario, November 22, 2000—In Toronto today, Nacara COSMETICS launched a superb line of high-quality cosmetics for women of colour who lead active lives and have a penchant for the exotic. The products are designed and made in Canada especially with them in mind. NACARA has created eight categories of non-oily cosmetic products for women of colour, using pigments adapted to darker complexions in a beautiful palette of golden shades. NACARA products are available at Shoppers Drugmart cosmetic counters and some specialty shops.

NACARA’s innovative line of cosmetics is designed for African-Americans and dark-skinned women of Latin American, Indian and Caribbean origins. It includes cream-powder and liquid foundations, loose and pressed powders, blushers, eye shadows, moisturizing lipsticks and lip liner pencils. The golden, bronze and tawny shades bear exotic names such as Amazon, Alexandria, Hevea, Bora Bora and Kilimanjaro. Packaged in lovely boxes with a Gauguin-style illustration of a woman, they reflect the very contemporary brand image in warm, exotic colours. The product line’s slogan is "Make Up Your Mind!"

"Finally, women of colour in the Toronto area will be able to go to the cosmetics counter at their local drugstore and find products—made right here in Canada—to enhance the radiance of their complexion while keeping their skin healthy. We also wanted to come up with something spicy and exotic, and that’s what the NACARA product line offers: makeup in a mosaic of warm, alluring shades. Our slogan—"Make Up Your Mind"—conveys the determination and energy of women of colour," explained Caroline Coulombe, president of Nacara COSMETICS, herself an African-American born in Quebec and co-founder of the company.

Jean-Claude Poitras, Quebec’s internationally acclaimed fashion designer and member of NACARA’s advisory committee, shares the enthusiasm sparked by this young Quebec company, whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of women of colour. "Fortunately, our idea of beauty is becoming more and more cosmopolitan and global. It is no longer limited to images of white European-style models. Here’s to diversity, colour and interracial harmony!" he said.



Beauty workshops with makeup artist Hitchell

"In December, NACARA and its head makeup artist, Hitchell, will be presenting beauty workshops for women of colour in a number of Shoppers Drugmart stores in the Toronto area. Beauty, high quality and exoticism: these are our key words. Now that we have established ourselves in the Quebec and Ontario markets, we’ll be taking the Nacara line to the U.S.," added Ms. Coulombe.

Eight products, 42 exotic shades

The Nacara cosmetics line for women of colour consists of eight products in 42 warm and alluring shades, with exotic names like Calao, Calcutta and Rio Grande instead of product code numbers. They are sold at prices ranging from $10 to $20 per product.

The six cream-powder foundations bear the names of seas and rivers (Amazone, Rio Grande, Congo, Méditerranée, Caraïbes, Mississippi), and three liquid foundations represent the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. The three loose powder compacts are named for deserts—Sahara, Sierra Madre and Kalahari—while the four pressed powders evoke the fabled beaches of Copacabana, Cayo Largo, Costa Brava and Riviera. The three blushers are named Kilimanjaro, Irazu and Annapurna, and four eye shadows represent birds from around the world (Caurale, Colibri, Quetzal, Calao).

The 15 richly hued lipsticks are beeswax based and made according to a formula that contains 35% more pigment, developed in Montreal by Nacara’s experts. They have been designed to highlight the darker complexion and bear names like Alexandria, Casablanca, Punta Cana, Calcutta. The four lip liner pencils are named Sequoia, Thuya, Hevea and Acajou.

Nacara COSMETICS was created to develop and market products for women of colour who are active, demanding and up to date. Its first products were makeup removers: Démableu, a soothing product for the eyes, and Démafruit, for the eyes and lips. These two products are available at Uniprix, Famili-Prix, Pharmaprix and Jean-Coutu stores in Quebec and drugstores in Ontario. The new cosmetics line for women of colour, launched in December 1999 in Quebec drugstores and specialty shops, is available in Toronto-area Shoppers Drugmart stores. The company’s head office is located in Montreal.


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