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Amegroids - Dispute New 2000 Census Findings on Multiracial Classifications

The Amegroid Society of America (ASA) has taken a stand against the new 2000 Census data on race, which reported only 7 million multiracial people in the United States. Racial breakdowns serve critical functions in the United States from redrawing congressional districts to distributing federal funds and enforcing civil rights laws. All are considered important in achieving equal opportunity, however, the federal government, under pressure from advocacy groups added the option of choosing more than one race on the census form, but rejected a new "multiracial" category. Results that were as flawed as the 7 million mixed race number, only succeeds in raising questions about other data that was collected for the purpose of guiding social, political and the economic policies for the next ten years.

Ronald Walters, a political science professor at the University of Maryland, stated it best in an article in the Washington Post on April 16, 2001, he said, “Whether those African Americans are dark or light complexioned - African immigrant or mixed native born - doesn't seem to matter greatly in the United States.” He went on to say, "Whites continue to have a strong role in defining race; Latino immigrants of mixed race will also be defined simply as not white”. “Seventy percent of us (African Americans) are mixed with something else, mostly Scottish Irish and Native American, yet we've been defined as Black." Hispanics like Blacks have an equal amount of race mixing in their ethnic group.

The recent results of the 2000 US Census have focused the nation's attention more than ever on its most difficult question: What is race, and how does it define us? For the first time, the 2000 census allowed people to describe themselves by checking more than one race, offering 63 possible racial combinations --126 with the choice of whether someone is Hispanic or not.

The flawed data collected by the 2000 census made it possible to cloud the race question in the United States even further. If any other government agency came up with statistics for any other group like the 2000 census multiracial figures, every major newspaper and television station in the country would be up in arms. Why then, is this figure allowed to stand with just the usual group squabble over what they gained and lost? As long as figures keep telling blacks and other mixed race groups they are a small minority, it doesn’t seem to matter weather they are truthful or not just as long as they maintain the racial status quo.

There could be as many as 100 million people with mixed race heritage living in the United States, moreover, there are more than 450 multiracial people living in The Americas.

For the first time in United States history, the 2000 Census form listed mixed race categories, which marked the beginning of a DEBATE about race that could very well last into the middle of this century. Likewise, now the question of power will enter the DEBATE on race because a new multiracial nation is rising in the western hemisphere brought on by the Free Trade Area of the Americas, (FTAA). This government initiative is similar to the North American Free Trade Agreement, (NAFTA) agreement, which includes Canada, the United States and Mexico. The FTAA is an economic union that when fully implemented will remove all trade barriers between member countries, which will include 34 countries from the western hemisphere.

Mixed Race Americans began their evolution more than 500 years ago, when the first white and/or black visitors came to America and produced offspring with the original natives. Native American history is full of tales about people born to whites and the native people.

However, after more than 500 years of being assigned an identity by others multiracial Americans have proclaimed a new race identity for themselves and they’re off springs. Multiracial Americans consider themselves to be God’s fourth major race, known as Amegroids - the New Native Americans. They believe this new classification will simplify the question of their race. Amegroids are the biological mixture of two or more of the three major root races, “Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Negroid”.

(ASA) members share the belief that all human beings must be classified by race - other animals by species - before they are allowed to have a productive life on Earth. The Amegroid Society’s position on race is simple - there is no debate about race identification - you were either born into a mixed race heritage or not, it’s not an election position to be classified by others. When one chooses to ignore their heritage & race they are being dishonest to themselves and how they were created. The ASA believes that if multiracial people were identified as Amegroids it would end the debate on race in America forever.

The major advantage of a multiracial classification is the elimination of color from the equation, when deciding mixed race people. You cannot identify Amegroids by skin color alone because unlike other mixed race groups in the world, Amegroids have a continent where they are the majority in the population.

NOTE: An example of our point can be seen at MSNBC illustrated through a 2000 US census pie chart at:
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